Empowering learning. Empowering families. Empowering communities.

My journey


After almost hitting burn-out from striving to be a perfect homeschool mom, I shifted my focus to becoming an empowered homeschool mom instead. Now I’m able to enjoy family worship, board games, read-aloud, cooking, and all of family life, as a part of learning, because it truly is.
I am passionate about helping other anxious and overwhelmed moms stop

trying to do all the things,

stressing about finding the perfect curriculum,

wasting hours endlessly searching on Google,

comparing themselves to ‘that’ family with the perfect mom and perfect kids, and

wondering if you’re doing enough and doubting every decision you make

Years Experience

What I can do


Whether you choose a workshop, group program, or one-on-one consulting, I can help you explore your options for homeschooling and get excited about what’s ahead. Your time is valuable, and your child’s education is critically important. Let’s develop a plan together that will save you time and money by identifying your priorities and clear next steps to make your homeschool vision a reality.

Listen podcast thet helps you in your daliy life and yu become strong