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I can help you overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.

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My entire childhood revolved around one goal:

Educator. Homeschool mom.
Movie fan. My 25+ years in education have included roles as a special education teacher, K-12 administrator, curriculum specialist, managing director of curriculum and instruction, teacher trainer, and educational consultant. I’ve worked in public, private, charter, and nonprofit educational settings, and I currently homeschool my own children.

What does all that mean? It’s means I’m passionate about understanding how students learn and empowering their teachers (whether in the classroom or at home) with ideas and strategies that work. I love witnessing the lightbulb moments when things click for parents and they feel empowered to move forward with confidence and joy. My goal is to help every homeschool parent build the mindset and skills to teach their children at home and create those lightbulb moments for their family.

When I’m not helping homeschool parents build confidence or teaching my own children, you’ll probably find me watching movies. I love superhero storylines and have seen every Avengers movie multiple times. Whether talking to my family or to clients, there’s a good chance I’ll use movie quotes or draw parallels to movie storylines to illustrate a point. Movies are fun to watch, and they offer plenty of inspiration for daily life and the homeschool journey as well.