From overwhelm to ease, as we delve into simple homeschooling strategies, faith-based encouragement, and holistic well-being. 

This is the podcast for homeschooling moms who want to feel seen, empowered, and spiritually uplifted in their homeschool journey. This podcast is for you if you're a Christian homeschool mom feeling overwhelmed and in need of practical strategies, spiritual upliftment, and a community that understands your unique challenges. Whether you're a seasoned homeschooler or just starting out, 'Catch Your Breath' offers you the tools to transform your homeschooling journey from stress to joy.


Holistic Wellness

Nourish your soul, mind, and body in a holistic way that aligns with your faith. Our wellness conversations prioritize God as the cornerstone, helping you find balance in the chaos.

Stress-Busting Tips

Tired of the never-ending cycle of stress and overwhelm? Dive into actionable tips designed to diffuse tension and restore peace. You'll gain mastery over stress, rather than letting stress master you.

Homeschool Hacks

Go beyond generic tips and tricks with strategies designed for impactful teaching and a fulfilling homeschooling experience. These aren't just hacks; they're your intentional roadmap for making homeschooling a joy, not a chore

Free Guidance for you!

Discover the episodes that have touched hearts, lightened burdens, and empowered moms to thrive in their homeschooling journey and beyond. Whether you're a new listener or a longtime fan, these episodes are the essential "Catch Your Breath" moments you won't want to miss.

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"I wish I had this show when I homeschooled"


Thank you Inga for your show - combining gratitude ( so important) with peace and Christian faith for homeschool moms!

Ready for some fresh insights and real talk on homeschooling? You're in the right spot. The Catch Your Breath podcast is all about making homeschooling work for you—minus the stress. From practical tips to keep things simple to stories that inspire and uplift, there's something for every homeschool mom looking to find her groove. Put down the laundry, step away from the lesson plans, and tune in, to grab some wisdom, and maybe even a few laughs. 

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